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In 2010 Lynn Ferguson and Mark Tweddle created Nedulous Productions LLC as an umbrella for their online projects. YouTellYours.com has by far emerged as the most successful of those projects and has become almost the entire business. So who are Lynn and Mark?

Lynn Ferguson:

Chief Story Wrangler

Lynn Ferguson is an award winning writer-performer and a recognized force in the world of comedy.

As a regular storyteller for The Moth, she can often been heard on their weekly show broadcast on 200+ affiliate radio stations throughout the country.  Frequently Lynn hosts The Moth’s live mainstage events at larger venues such as Club Nokia (LA), The Egg (Albany), or the State Theatre (Portland Maine), as well as small prestigious events such as the World Science Festival at the Players Theatre in New York and fundraising for Bono’s World Aids charity (RED). She also helped launch The Moth in the UK and Ireland in 2015.

In the UK, aside from being the voice of a plasticine chicken in the Movie Chicken Run, Lynn appeared regularly on TV and BBC Radio 4, writing and starring in three series of her own sitcom as well as creating several critically acclaimed afternoon plays.

She has performed in numerous Edinburgh Fringe Festivals where she garnered multiple award nominations, winning the prestigious Fringe First Award for writing and the Stage Award  for Acting Excellence.

Since relocating to the US in 2008, Lynn worked as a staff writer for the CBS Peabody Award winning Late Late Show and as a script consultant for Pixar on the Academy Award Winning movie Brave. Recently, she was invited to join the judging panel for the International Emmys and to host their Comedy Panel in New York.

Lynn Telling A Story:

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Mark Tweddle:

Chief of Operations & Growth: 

Mark makes every electronic part of this business work.

Unable to ignore “How?” questions, Mark continually amasses knowledge of how ‘stuff’ works. And by ‘stuff’ we include people, organizations and teams with machines, computers and the more tangible ‘stuff.’

Generally Mark’s been employed to use his leadership, management, IT, digital marketing, social media and video production knowledge. As a result he has worked in many different business areas, including manufacturing, travel, IT support and the defense branch of the UK government. Ultimately he’s found it difficult to find the perfect role for his skills and interests until now.

Mark’s love of storytelling has quietly simmered over the years, starting from a love of the independent movies he would watch at the GFT.  He will still talk passionately of watching Spalding Grey’s “Swimming to Cambodia” a movie that is entirely a monologue story. Something YouTellYours may well attempt someday!

Mark struggled with public speaking for years, and until he worked on a story with Lynn. In fact he had not talked publicly about anything without a script or notes until he told the story we’ve included on this page. As result of this experience Mark is in many ways the driving force promoting the relevance of good storytelling in all areas of our modern lives.

In many ways YouTellYours.com is the business he’s always been looking for as he gets to use all of his skills for a business that he is truly passionate about.

Mark Telling A Story:

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