Private Storytelling Sessions – North Hollywood

Sometimes group storytelling classes are not the right fit for your project.

Our private sessions have been used by college students preparing essays, witnesses being prepared for depositions and court, the drafting of eulogies and storytellers working through a variety of more sensitive stories.

Also they have been invaluable for those developing plays, books and scripts – for writers who need to create and brainstorm.

When privacy is key, private storytelling sessions are the right option for you and can be delivered in North Hollywood or via video calls.

We charge $450 for the first 3 hours and $150 for every subsequent hour.

LIVE Storytelling Classes

From a small theatre in Burbank...

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5 classes to deliver one of your stories to a live audience in a mini-Moth style event.

Storytelling for TEENS

It's Time To Speak Up...

Teen storytelling classes icon

10 week courses for teens, leading to a mini-Moth style storytelling event.

ONLINE Storytelling Classes

From your home, office or garage...

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Interactive video-based classes to develop your storytelling skills.