Public Speaking

UDEMY LIFT ImageIf you have a speech you have to make or a story you need to tell, this 4 point checklist can help.

Best Man's Speech

Practical tips & exercises designed to help you craft the perfect best man speech to suit you.

Tell Your Story

42 videos and audio recordings to guide you to tell a 5 minute story from your life without notes or props.



Mary Birdsong

Actress, comedian, writer & singer.

Best class I’ve taken in a LONG time. After you’ve studied with Lynn you won’t just be a better story-teller; you’ll be a better actor, better writer, better friend, a better listener… PROBABLY even better in bed. Oh and also a better storyteller.


Sal Romeo

Director, producer & acting coach

10 actor friends took Lynn’s storytelling workshop and the improvement in their work in 5 short weeks was evident, and they loved her.

Rebecca McLauchlan

Founder – Rhubarb Studios

Can’t recommend the course more highly, particularly if you’re a Moth-head like me!


Annie DeYoung

Screen writer

As a professional fiction writer, I took the class to do something that terrifies me: tell a true story from my own life to a live audience. It was astounding how working with Lynn transformed one of my deepest fears into a new sense of creative momentum. If she offered Advanced Storytelling, I’d sign up today.


What if I don't have a story to tell?

That’s OK. Everyone has many stories, and we’ll help you  select the one that you’d like to tell next.

Do I need to be an actor or performer?

No! We’ve had people from all walks of life;  CEO’s, writers, marketers, agents, ex-servicemen, and of course performers too. Story is an incredibly effective method of communicating whatever message you wish, be it personal, business or artistic.

I'm not confident I could remember a story. Can I use notes?

No.  When you read you place a barrier in between the audience and yourself, and that disconnect reduces the message. Remember the story is yours, from your perspective. When we tell our truth we make a more powerful story and by doing so there’s less to remember.

What can I do after the class?

With you new story and associated learning you should be ready for story events, such a The Moth Story Slams or other local events. Also if you enjoy the experience as much as we do, then we have a monthly graduate class which has a storytelling event at the end of every month. We record these events and, with your agreement, we share some of these recordings in our podcast.

I don't live near LA. Can you help me?

We sure can! We now have an online course that is based on our existing classes and uses 42 video and audio recordings to help you define and tell your 5 minute story. Click here for more info.

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