Online Storytelling Classes

Storytelling is growing with technology, so it really doesn’t matter where you are physically. We can help you transform your storytelling skills wherever you are so long as you can get online.

You may also want to learn online for convenience and privacy. No matter the reason, our online classes share the share theory and knowledge as our physical classes in Los Angeles, but without the need for an end of class public event. In fact our classes in Los Angeles start with an online primer class to help get everyone to a common starting point.

7 Lessons Unique Voice Storytelling Class

Develop Your Unique Voice In 7 Lessons

Our interactive online class.

Complete 7 simple exercises and send your recordings to us.

Lynn records video feedback specifically for you.

Best Man Speech Storytelling class

Best Man’s Wedding Speech.

If you’re ever asked to give a Best Man / wedding speech then we are here to help.

A very specific class for a very important storytelling event.

LIFT free storytelling class

LIFT Your Storytelling & Public Speaking

This is a freebie to help anyone struck with nerves before a public speaking event.

A simple acronym and philosophy to get you calm and clear.