Moth-Style Storytelling For Teens!

With Moth Host Lynn Ferguson.

Learn To Tell Your 5 Minute Personal Story To A Live Audience

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Lynn Ferguson

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I've been working all my life with narrative, but it's only relatively recently that I truly understood the power of live storytelling.

I've started teaching it to teens because I wish I'd been taught it when studying for my degree at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama.

Storytelling is the basis of all art forms - written, visual or physical - because all art aims to communicate an idea and storytelling teaches you to find the answer to "What is it that I'm trying to say?"

But it is not just artists who need the answer - anybody who's ever been asked to do a presentation for work or school, an essay, pitch an idea or even ask someone out on a date - has to be able to get what they are trying to say across.

Storytelling can help all of that. 

Why Teenagers Should Learn Storytelling Now?

Everybody wants teenagers just to be themselves. But with so much school work and homework, when do you get the time to find out who that self really is?

Schools teach our kids to present facts in order to pass exams.

Storytelling teaches kids to be comfortable with their own voice and be in control of what they want to get across.

Knowing how to tell your story has always been an important skill in dealing with careers counsellors, colleges and potential employers.

But now, with social media and new technology, knowing what you want to say and how to say it is vital.

Technologies will be continually replaced, but being in control of what you say never grows old. 


Alfred MolinaActor / Teacher

I have worked with Lynn, and I can highly recommend her as a writer and performer. She has a wide experience ranging from writing for a late night chat show, to creating her one person shows which she has performed internationally.Her talents are formidable. She brings a finely tuned ear for the foibles of humanity; from the surreal to the slapstick to the very serious. From a wry take on her own silliness to a tender acknowledgement of the deeper struggles we are all engaged in.

Nathaniel BrendelEmmy Judging Director at The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

I had the pleasure to invite Lynn to participate as a juror for the International Emmy® Awards, for her work and talent throughout the years proved to be outstanding. Lynn also kindly accepted to moderate our panel of nominees in the Comedy category during the 2011 International Emmy World Television Festival, and I would love her to accept our invitation to repeat this experience in the future. Lynn is a delight to work with, and a wonderful smile to have around.

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